Thursday, March 03, 2005

Staniel Cay -- Georgetown Feb. 2005

Feb 21st Off to Staniel Cay. This is where the famous Thunderball grotto is, where they filmed the James Bond movie. We snorkel through it, it is like a cave at the entrance, then an opening to the sky, and then another cave out the other side of the island. (only a couple of hundred feet in total). You have to go there at low tide, as the current is quite strong through the cave at other times, plus the cave entrance/exits are below water level. There are a lot of fish in the grotto, but we have seen more elsewhere. Before, the swim, we went to Staniel Cay, where the school kids were putting on a fund raising BBQ lunch. For $8 we had the choice of fish or chicken, salad, rice & peas and Bahamian mac & Cheese. The school kids were all dressed in their uniforms, and raising money to go on a School trip to Florida. This also means we don't have to make supper.

We are anchored at Piggy Beach, Big Majors. One end of the beach is definitely pig territory. If you approach, make sure you have something to feed them. The pigs will even swim out to the dinghies looking for food. Bev kayaked with Larry (from Inukshuk) all around Big Majors island where we are anchored, about 3 miles in total, and one of the cuts had quite a current that we had to paddle against. Bev would never have gone so far, or into such currents and waves except Larry was with her, and it was quite a challenge.

Next stop: Black Point – home of Lorraine’s bakery and café. Everyone has heard of it, and everyone who makes it to Black Point will visit and we are no exception. Her bread is excellent. We took advantage of the town water tap and garbage disposal, free but they ask for a donation…we took our school supplies to the school and walked out to Dotham Point…must be done at low tide.

Farmers Cay is an interesting place. We booked a ball through Ocean Cabin and went off exploring the island. It is not large. We visited the woodcarver, taste tested strong rum samples at Ollies bar and bought some of his “hooch” and enjoyed a fantastic lobster fest at Ocean Cabin. We hit the right day, because for $10 we got a lobster tail, full dinner, desert and rum punch…and it was excellent. We hung up a KBYC pennant on the ceiling along with everyone else’s.

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Feb 27/2005 Back out onto the ocean to go to Georgetown, and this time it wasn’t as scary….Perhaps we are becoming more seasoned.