Friday, December 09, 2005

Georgetown Bahamas, December 9/05

Ross and Bev on Monument Hill, overlooking Exuma Sound

We have now been in Georgetown for a week, and settling into the Georgetown lifestyle. Georgetown is the destination for many cruisers, who travel from places north and east to spend the winter. During the peak, February to April there can be up to 500 boats in the harbour, but right now there are only about 40 boats. But still the activities go on.

Because there are fewer boats, we along with most of the cruisers here, are anchored off of Volleyball Beach, where every afternoon, there is volleyball (no surprise), dominos, and whatever else the cruisers wish to try. Earlier in the week, before Teresa left to go back to Miami, we had a spanish lesson, one afternoon Bev learned how to play dominos (definitely a required life skill) and yesterday, Bev taught two of the ladies her version of basket weaving. She had learned how to do it last year on that very beach. Beach bridge has not started yet, but Bev did get invited to go to town and play with a local group, and enjoyed getting a chance to play. Ross has been trying not to get hurt playing volleyball.

We are starting to re-establish our Georgetown routine. Each morning we are up at 6 am, listen to Chris Parker's weather (630 on 4045), BASRA weather (700 on 4003), write a couple of emails and pull in the GRIB weather files, enjoy a couple cups of coffee, and discuss the day. Usually that relates to what boat chores we want or need to do, and what social activities are on the sand calendar. We take most of morning to do or not do these things. Next we usually go for a hike, beach walk, or kayak ride, followed by lunch, before we head over to the beach. At least once a week, we have to go to town, for water and supplies, and we have found it easier to take RAFT across the harbour (its about a mile wide) then make trips in the dinghy, with everything getting wet. But this year we have "dry bags" purchased at a camping outfitters store and they have made a big difference.

We are going to be in Georgetown for at least another week, as we wait for our son to fly in for the holidays. He will be with us for about 3 weeks, so we should have some time to go and visit some of great islands around here, or if he wishes enjoy the activities right here in GT. We are quite surprised by the number of boats here with "thirtysomething" sailors on board, and they have definitely added a new level of energy to the volleyball games.