Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grenada June 2007
Picture: Ross using cockpit table as a work station to take 4 hp apart.

Back in Grenada, it seems like "home"!! However with the exception of Sea Witch, most of the boats are new to us. But we are in Grenada with a purpose….get some work done, have some fun, and get ready to head for Venezuela.

Work list: Improve security on RAFT and dinghy….new locks, dinghy chain, "bars" on companionway
Get 4 hp motor welded -- the controller arm had broken off the main aluminum casting
Service gib winches -- salt water had welded the winch to the base plate, but PB Blaster and a lot of arm wrestling got them free. Ross was then able to dig out the drainage holes, and greased them, so hopefully they won’t weld together again.
New sewage discharge pipe on head (not on original list, but when split got priority treatment)
Fix drain from head sink (not on original list, but broken when trying to install sewage pipe)
Check and changed fuel filters – the motor trip around the south end of Grenada was very choppy as usual, so shook up the diesel in the tank.
Clean dinghy
Replace lost water jug and bought a extra gas jug
Clean head after shaving cream can rusted through and spurted cream on vanity and sink
Of course there were a lot of things on the work list that just didn’t have high enough priority to be completed, and sooner or later will need to be attended to.

Fun: Hash x2 -- were able to do 2 hashes – one at Mount Carmel and the other north of Victoria. First one very easy, last one really tough, but both very enjoyable.
Rogers BBQ – revisit Hog Island -- Rogers has installed "waterside" deck, picnic tables, & benches -- major development for his "restaurant" But Roger hasn’t changed!!
Pictures: Ross and Bev after Hash, Roger's new "look"
Not much change to Hog Island, except cleared "road" on island to where bridge is intended. Local people very upset with govt. Apparently nothing is finalized with Four Seasons re development.

Pictures: Hog Anchorage still as pretty as ever, Wrecked fishing boats still there, destruction of island

Get ready to go to Venezuala
Determine weather window to leave
Check out
Fill up with water, fresh foods
Spend all our EC’s -- did last minute shopping, didn’t have enough EC’s so had to use VISA, so l left with a few EC’s
Say goodbye to Grenada and our friends

Having done all the above, the departure date was set: 1700 on June 27th -- we were heading for Los Tostigos, Venezuela on a new continent…..a new adventure for us!!