Saturday, September 25, 2004

Toronto to Oswego, New York September 2004

September 15, 2004. -- We returned to LCYC, the transmission has been rebuilt, and should be in Toronto this afternoon. Despite being temporarily lost in shipping system, and no one has the transit #'s it was located and we picked it up. The starter, alternator, and computer (hard drive had crashed) have also now been repaired and reinstalled. We went for a test motor and sail with Jim & Dinah, our Caribbean mentors whose boat is waiting for them in Florida. Everything seems to be working fine and we make our plans to leave the hospitality of LCYC.

Playing it safe, we decided to sail along the northern coast of Lake Ontario for the first day. We stopped at Newcastle marina for the evening, where Ross noticed small transmission leak, determined to be one of the bolts, but he didn't have tools to reach -- deal with it tomorrow.

The transmission tech came out to check transmission -- tightened bolt and ran at dock for about 30 min. With the expert's determination, that everything was okay we left Newcastle at 1830 to make an overnight crossing of Lake Ontario, heading for Oswego. The winds were light, so we were motor sailing. About 30 miles out, transmission is overheating, so we changed course heading back for Canada, arriving in Coburg arrived about 4 am. The next morning we are back on the phone to the transmission guy. The fastest way to deal with it, was for Ross to pull the transmission out of RAFT, rent a car, and drive 8 hours to where the repair shop was. So leaving Coburg at 4 am the next morning, Ross is back by mid afternoon and reinstalls the transmission, now rebuilt for a 2nd time. By dinner were are back motoring on a flat Lake Ontario, attempting another overnight transit to Oswego.

It was a foggy arrival at Oswego, and we were really glad we had radar to help find entrance and fishing boats. We motored to Oswego Marina where we checked in with US Customs, and arranged demasting. ($171.00) and bought 10 day lock pass ($37.50) We motored through the first lock, and took advantage of free dock. Having made it to the USA and starting down the Erie Canal we feel that we are we finally on our trip.

RAFT being demasted in Oswego