Thursday, March 31, 2005

Gang at Salt Pond, Long Island
Georgetown – Long Island – Georgetown March-Apr 2005

March 23/ 05 We are back in Georgetown, after a 3 day side trip to Long Island. We don't want to go too far, with Ross leaving next week. We had a good time in Long Island, sailing down with a group of boats, including Autumn Voyageur with whom we raced last week. Bob & Judi on Autumn Voyageur didn't stay as long as the rest of us, since they were flying home for their granddaughter's christening at Easter. Then they are heading north back to Cape Cod, we will really miss them, we have had a lot of fun with them. But we had a good time with the other boats, Pacific Rose and Sea Lion. We rented 2 cars and toured the entire island over 2 days, a different way of seeing the island, which is not developed or touristy. We really enjoyed the monuments to Christopher Columbus, as if they really know where he landed, and the blue hole at Turtle cove. Blue holes are where the sea depth changes dramatically, ie 3 ft to 200 ft in the matter of a few feet. The water color changes from light blue to the deep indigo and it is quite amazing. They are great to snorkle or SUBA , but we didn't have our gear...another time.
Monument to Christopher Columbus Bluehole at Turtle Cove, Long Island

We had great sails, to Long and Back, but now probably will stay in Georgetown, until Ross leaves on Tuesday. We also found out on our trip, that we had exceeded our insurance coverage. We had been told that we were covered to the Tropic of Cancer, and Bev always thought that was 22.5 degrees (half of 45 degrees) but we found out that the tropic of cancer is 23.5 degrees, and Long Island is 22.5 to 23.5. Fortunately, we didn't have any mishaps, so it really didn’t matter.

The weather here has been very warm, and still no rain. At Long Island, there was a natural well, so we helped ourselves and did laundry on the beach...Oh what the cruising life has become, please let it rain, or let there be free water so we can do laundry. Although water is free and readily available in Georgetown, but you have to carry it back to the boat in water cans, and that is a lot of work. There are 2 laundrimats in town, but they are expensive and we are cheap..

March 31/05
Ross has gone home to Canada. He wasn't supposed to leave until Tues, but when we called to confirm his flights on Sat. we found out that Bahamas Air had cancelled his Georgetown to Nassau flight. He had booked by telephone, given a confirmaion code, and when he offered his Credit card to pay for the flight, the service rep told him he could pay at the airport before the flight. Apparently he had to go to the airport within 48 hours of booking, which he did not, and they cancelled his ticket. So he went to the Georgetown airport 6 am on Monday, and was determined to get on any flight to Nassau that day, so he could make his Air Canada flight to Toronto Tues noon. He got on the first flight out, was in Nassau by 930 Mon morning, got on an Air Canada flight and was in Barrie by 830 Mon. night. But it was a stressful weekend, as we dealt the uncertanty but it worked out okay.

While he is away, RAFT is tied to a mooring ball, which is attached to a 2 peramanent anchors, in a fully protected "hurricane hole". This means that Bev doesn’t have to worry about the anchor dragging, or any other boats nearby dragging their anchor, and the boat should be fairly quiet no matter what the weather. This is how many people leave their boats when they go whereever they need to go while they are cruising. The cost is significantly less than going into a marina. The owners of the Balls are really nice, and would help Bev if necessary. Hike up to Monument, Stocking Island
RAFT and others anchored in hurricane hole

Regatta is now over in Georgetown, and the number of boats here has been reduced from 400 to less than 200 maybe even less. At least 20-30 boats left today, some are going north back to the States and north, and some are continuing on the Dominican Republic and further. But there are still enough people to have fun. This morning, Bev went to Yoga/tai chi class, and played bridge this afternoon, plus kayaked, hiked to the ocean and snorkled over a small reef just near RAFT. During this swim, she was visited by 2 dolphins, which swam right up beside her, quite an experience.

Tomorrow, Yoga, an appt in town, a Taichi class, meeting for Boats going south, then a dinner invitation. On Friday, there is a Spanish class -- Bev missed today's....too much to do...Summer camp continues, but it is much slower.