Thursday, January 19, 2006

Nassau back to Georgetown January 2006

Paul took an early flight on Wednesday, Jan 11 back to the states, only to have his flight from Laguardia to Toronto cancelled and had to spend the night in that airport (no hotel voucher this time because the airline blamed "weather"), before getting home to Toronto Paul says he will never fly American again. We think he had a good time. He took over 300 pictures, burnt a CD to take them home.

We spent some time in Nassau with Ed and Nancy from Solent, they were in Allans with us last year, remember that adventure. They were asking about Steelaway and La Voile au Vent, and we filled them in. One other note about Nassau, we were able to get propane by delivering our propane cylinder to the BASRA office, where the fellow takes them to the filling station on his way home and brings them back to the office the next morning. We really appreciated this service.

We knew that there was another front coming on Saturday, so we hustled out of Nassau, and made it down to Big Majors. We questioned our choice of place to weather the front, since we were the only boat in that big harbour. Everyone else had hidden in Pipe Creek, or between the Majors. We tucked up right beside Fowl cay, and put out 2 anchors (in a V) buried in sand, with 100 ft in 8 ft of water on each and waited. The forecast indicated that the front should move through quickly clocking from SW to NW. We were open to the SW and protected from the NW. The front hit Sat. afternoon, with SW clocking to W and stayed blowing 30 knots from noon Saturday until 3 am Sunday when it finally clocked to the NW. Although it was really rough, we set an anchor alarm on the electronic chart, and suffered through it. By this morning, Sunday, the winds were North, but still blowing 25, just as had been predicted. By Noon we had pulled up both anchors, and had a great down wind sail to White Point. With low tide, and the wind strength, we didn't attempt the skinny water passage to Farmers or Galliot. On the south side of White Point, we settled into this beautiful bay, all by our selves again, but with only one anchor and the winds have dropped to 10. You may ask, why we moved...The next front is supposed to be here on Wed/Thurs and Monday appeared to be the only day that looked suitable to go to Georgetown. We didn't think we had enough light to make it from Staniel, but could from here (5 miles North of Farmers).

The next day we were off to Georgetown. there we need to return flippers and a fishing spear that were lent to Paul, get water, go to the library, last minute groceries, say our goodbyes and get out of town. We have a long list of boat chores we have been putting off doing,(like all cruisers) and we will wait for a good weather window to start our trek south east.