Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Medregal Village August 2007
We have found our summer home, Medregal Village and Marina, on the Northern coast of the Golfo de Cariaco. To us it is everything we have been looking for, a safe anchorage in about 12 feet of water, 15 boats to keep us company, great dinghy docks, and the owners Jean Marc & his wife, do everything to keep the cruisers happy. Jean Marc speaks English, French and Spanish, offer free water, and an honour system bar. The pool and showers are available to us. He drives his old Landrover to different towns and for a small fee takes cruisers where they need to go, ie for shopping, parts etc.. They have just installed a travel lift, so are now hauling boats. There are no slips, but we don't like being at dock anyhow. Talking to the other boaters, they are telling us about all the day trips you can do from here, by boat, dinghy or land...to see caves, birdwatching, desert hiking...lots of places to go, things to see, all from this safe location. Sounds like heaven to a cruiser.

Pictures: Loading Jean Marc's van at Cariaco market
the chicken lady selling her goods -- now that's fresh!!
The Golfo de Cariaco is 35 miles long, about 8 miles wide....with only one entrance to the Caribbean about 2 miles wide at the west end at Cumina. It reminds us of lake sailing, except of course the water is salty. Medregal Village, is about 2/3rds of the way down the length. The Araya Peninsula is very mountainous, so we are well protected from any adverse weather coming from the south, east and north.